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Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are cannabinoids that are actually sisters of the parent cannabis plant. CBD is produced from hemp, one of the oldest crops. For thousands of years, we have been producing clothing and paper from this plant. Unlike CBD, marijuana and hashish contain large amounts of THC, which allows them to be used as toxicants or intoxicants. An important difference is that CMD is not a psychotropic substance in contrast to HTC; IT does not cause an uplifting effect, otherwise known as a"state of euphoria". Starting in March 2017, doctors are allowed to prescribe medications containing components of cannabis, such as flowers or extract. Approval of a dosage of THC in the range of 100 to 22,000 mg has been controversial, since, as the name suggests, HTC has been criticized due to its addictive effects and harmful properties.

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It is important to understand the huge difference between the production process of hemp oils and oils with a high content of CBD. Hemp oil is obtained by cold-pressing hemp seeds and contains very small amounts of both THC and CBD. CBD-rich oil is obtained from a part of the plant growing above ground by extracting a thick concentrate from the plant. Then the resin dissolves in the solvent, evaporates and remains a concentrated extract.

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When taking oral drops, the effect can be felt immediately. Customers describe how the body releases new energy almost immediately after the first intake, while feeling a surge of strength and vigor. The analgesic properties of the oil also release the" hidden " capabilities of the body, which is easily noticeable after the pain subsides. The hidden forces of the body are reactivated. The effect of CBD oil is effective for various serious ailments, such as nausea and vomiting. This remedy is also well suited for the treatment of constipation and sleep disorders. It shows good results in the fight against problems related to schizophrenia, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, obesity, diabetes, dystonia and dyskinesia, nervous disorders, ischemia, hepatitis, liver disorders, ADHD, allergies and asthma. CBD drops can also be taken to prevent stroke or heart attacks. In addition, CBD drops help to suppress so-called tinnitus.